Rocket Women Announces Partnership With Women In Space 2019

Women In Space Conference 2019 [Women In Space Conference 2019/ Tanya Harrison]
Women In Space Conference 2019 [Women In Space Conference 2019 / Tanya Harrison]
Rocket Women are excited to announce our partnership with Women In Space Conference 2019!

Women In Space 2019 will be an amazing event for ‘scientists and engineers to showcase their work in the field of space and planetary science’. The conference aims to highlight ‘the achievements of women and non-binary researchers, while offering an opportunity to discuss, challenge, network, and support their peers’ – supporting and celebrating #WomenInSTEM!

The conference will take place from 7-8th February 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) and welcomes ‘geologists, geophysicists, engineers, geographers, astrobiologists, chemists, physicists, astronomers, social scientists, and any other people of all genders working or researching in a related field’ to attend! The conference also features a brilliant ‘Girls In Space!‘ event aimed towards the ages of 12-18, where students can learn about ‘space-related science and engineering activities, careers, and will have the chance to meet women working on NASA missions to seek out potential mentors’. Look out for some Rocket Women goodies and apparel at the event!

Excellent speakers range from experts on planetary science to astrophysics, space medicine, science communication and supporting education in STEM, to satellite constellations. Rocket Women is proud to be a partner of Women In Space 2019 and register here to attend!

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