Rocket Women Featured In IDEAxME!

I’m honoured to be interviewed by IDEAxME! in their recent feature titled, “The Future Astronaut Who Wants To Use The Power of Successful Women In Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths To Inspire Girls.”

“IDEAxME! interviews Vinita Marwaha Madill.

Vinita is a STEM advocate and founder of Rocket Women. She is currently working as an independent consultant, focusing on space engineering and STEM outreach, having previously consulted for ESA’s Space Medicine Office on a Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit (GLCS) for astronauts and will one day no doubt achieve her objective of becoming an astronaut!

IDEAxME! asked her about her human story, how she came to study at the International Space University and work on big ideas which our shaping our world.”

Listen to the feature above or here.

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