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New Short Film ‘Dot Of Light’ Showcases Stories of Female Astronauts

6 May, 2017

A fantastic new short film, Dot of Light, highlights the stories of three astronauts from very different backgrounds, Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan, Nicole Stott, and Anousheh Ansari, narrating their journey to space. Intimate interviews and archival footage of their flights bring their pioneering stories to life in this film by Eliza McNitt, produced in collaboration with Google.

Anousheh Ansari in 'Dot of Light' (Still from 'Dot of Light')

Anousheh Ansari in ‘Dot of Light’ (Still from ‘Dot of Light’)`

These lines that we’ve drawn on a map that separates this country from that country, you don’t see that from space, there are no walls separating us. Everything is connected. It is one home. It is one planet. It is one single unit that we live on. Around us is this dark universe. There’s nothing else around that looks anything close to our planet. –  Anousheh Ansari, first female spaceflight participant (first Iranian astronaut).

Watch this powerful film above and here.

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Inspirational Google Doodles Remember Sally Ride, The First American Woman In Space

26 May, 2015

One of Today’s Google Doodles Celebrating Sally Ride, the First American Woman In Space

Today’s Google doodles celebrate what would’ve been the 64th birthday of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Throughout her career at NASA Sally  informed major space policy decisions by being a presidential panel member of the 2009 Review of United States Human Spaceflight Plans Committee. This was an independent review of US Human Spaceflight Policy and resulted in fundamental changes made to the US space program. Sally Ride was a strong supporter of women’s education in science and engineering, co-founding Sally Ride Science, a science education company that creates entertaining science programs for 4-8th grade students, specifically focusing on girls and minority students.

Sally devoted her life to science and inspiring others to explore the wonders of STEM. Said in her own words, “Everywhere I go I meet girls and boys who want to be astronauts and explore space, or they love the ocean and want to be oceanographers, or they love animals and want to be zoologists, or they love designing things and want to be engineers. I want to see those same stars in their eyes in 10 years and know they are on their way!”

“Maybe her Doodle will motivate some girl or boy somewhere in the world to become a scientist and adventurer just like Sally.” – Tam O’Shaughnessy—life partner of astronaut Sally Ride, and co-founder & CEO of Sally Ride Science.

Today’s inspirational Google Doodles are below:

Google Doodle To Celebrate Sally Ride’s 64th Birthday

Google Doodle To Celebrate Sally Ride’s 64th Birthday

Google Doodle To Celebrate Sally Ride’s 64th Birthday

Google Doodle To Celebrate Sally Ride’s 64th Birthday

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Google Doodle and Women Techmakers series shows support for women in technology!

11 December, 2012

It was great to see Google’s doodle today which commemorated Ada Lovelace’s 197th birthday and her contribution to computer science. Google are also supporting and helping to inspire women to join technology fields. Women Techmakers is a five-part series in which talented female developers and women who advocate for gender balance in the technology industry present their viewpoints. Highly recommended!

Ada Lovelace Google doodle – 10/12/2012 [Google]