Honouring World Prematurity Day

My Journey From Premature Baby To Rocket Scientist [The Daily Mirror]  
I was born almost 3 months early, weighing 1lb 10oz with a 10% chance of survival without complications. I truly wouldn’t have survived healthy to achieve my dreams without the utmost dedication and care of the doctors and nurses at Kingston Hospital’s neonatal unit in the UK (and my parents). Thousands of children are born premature worldwide annually, not all lucky enough to be able to have access to the type of intensive care that I had. World Prematurity Day (Nov 18) is celebrated to bring awareness to the tireless work of these wonderful caregivers and to tell the success stories of children born early, giving hope to families with children recently born prematurely. I’m sharing my story to provide that much needed hope to families with premature children and to remind those reading that even if the obstacles ahead seem impossible to overcome, with hard work and dedication it is possible to rise above them and achieve your goal.

Here’s the full text to the above article in the Daily Mirror (UK) and more information on Born Too Soon, a charity that which supports the neonatal unit at Kingston Hospital.

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