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Welcome to Rocket Women! To introduce myself, my name’s Vinita Marwaha and I’m an Operations Engineer for the International Space Station. Most commonly described as being a Rocket Scientist. Apart from having a successful career in the space industry, I’m also a daughter, girlfriend, sister and friend. I wondered why it was that women could easily be seen as so many things, however when introducing myself using my job title more often than not I’ve encountered a look of surprise. I work with fantastic women, many who have inspired me over the years to be the person I am now and to take significant steps in my career. I wanted these women to be heard and provide a platform through which they would be able to inspire others.

So I decided to interview women who I think should have a voice, be able to tell you their story and advise women around the world on how they could too be a rocket scientist if they wished. This doesn’t only include working in the space industry. Women are making significant breakthroughs in industries including the technology, aerospace and science research. Videos from each interview will be uploaded to the site and include advice from female astronauts, government policy makers, commercial spaceflight employees, women in technology and also career advisors.

The site will also provide recommendations on how you can learn more about a career in the aerospace and technology industries and steps to ensure that you too have that opportunity. Women currently make up 48% of the total workforce, however only hold 24% of the jobs in science, technology and engineering. I hope that this site will in some way increase that 24%! This blog was partially inspired by a networking challenge from classycareergirl.com

Also a great resource for girls looking for advice on how to further their career!

I hope you’ll enjoy the interviews and they’ll show that you can be a rocket scientist too! If you have any questions or comments about the site or career-wise, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] .

I look forward to hearing from you!


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