Rocket Women Featured In Campaign To Inspire The Next Generation – This Is Engineering

I’m thrilled to share Rocket Women’s involvement in a fantastic campaign by the Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK to highlight careers in engineering, created especially for young people aged 13-18.

This is Engineering aims to demonstrate to young people how engineering can provide them with a way to pursue the topics they love through a rewarding career, using real-life engineers as examples. The amazing stories of engineers featured following what they love, will hopefully inspire the next generation to pursue their passion into engineering. I hope my story in the campaign will help to change the perception of engineering and show young people how rewarding a career in engineering really is.

This is Engineering challenges the misconceptions surrounding engineering and presents a positive image of an industry through which you can make a tremendous impact not only upon the world, but a very real effect on people’s lives.

One of the things that I love most about my job is that space is naturally a global industry. We get to work with people from around the world, and you really need that diversity and creativity to solve the difficult problems of today. – Vinita

From sports and fashion through to technology and space exploration, you can follow what you love into engineering and help to shape the future. Hear how five engineers, Pavlina, Chris, Vinita, Charles and Daniella are inspired by the power and potential of engineering in the short videos here:

This is Engineering is a key partner in HM Government’s Year of Engineering. These campaigns aim to inspire the next generation of engineers and raise public awareness about the variety, appeal and impact of engineering.

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