Dressing For The Moon: How To Design A Spacesuit At New Scientist Live 2017

I was honoured to be speaking at New Scientist Live 2017 in London about how to design a spacesuit for the Moon and the exciting projects being planned by space agencies globally, including the European Space Agency. A big thank you to everyone that came to listen!

The eventĀ broughtĀ 120+ prominent speakers to London including British ESA AstronautĀ Tim Peake, ā€˜The Handmaidā€™s Taleā€™Ā AuthorĀ Margaret Atwood, Broadcaster & AuthorĀ Chris Packham, Chef Heston Blumenthal, Scientist & BroadcasterĀ Prof.Alice RobertsĀ and Physicist & AuthorĀ Sean Carroll to London.

Learn more about my talk Dressing for The Moon: How To Design a SpacesuitĀ here.

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